Me and You

What We Believe People are sick of advertising. They don’t want to be force-fed routine messages from uninspiring companies. They zap commercial breaks, skim past magazine ads and click away from annoying pop-ups. At the same time, people, more then ever, search for brands with the same values and attitudes as themselves. They look for brands they can identify with. Brands that are active, engaging and talks directly to them. They look for brands that dare to stand out and be seen without having to make the most noise. We want brands that talk with us, not to us.

Me and You help brands to become more for their consumers by utilizing pop cultural movements and behaviors in media channels that aren’t dull, overexposed or expected. To claim a position within popular culture is the only way for brands to communicate in a society that is rapidly becoming more digital, global and without boundaries, especially with consumers becoming more individualistic, picky and conscious.

Me and You knows that a brands soul has to remain constant over time, but since popular culture – which we define as all current and active trends and the subcultures within each trend – is always in constant movement brands have to constantly renew how they portray that soul. That’s why Me and You takes an outside-in perspective on brands and from that perspective create opportunities and find new arenas where consumers are interested and willing to start a dialogue.

Me and You understand that everything a brand does has to build brand awareness and recognition as well as increase sales. The traditional marketing strategy that focuses on one or two large TV campaigns per year doesn’t apply to today’s fast moving and ever changing society. To be able to claim a position and keep it a brand needs to have presence again, again, and again through activities that can be created and implemented fast and efficiently. To always be able to follow trends, social changes and consumer behavior is essential for companies that want to achieve success. People are tired of advertising. People want to communicate. Me and You help brands communicate. With people.